A large section of enterprises is now venturing into the field of android app development to evolve with the new emerging technologies. A host of smart devices including tablets and smartphones are there to use an android OS, which is one of the two most popular operating systems of our times. However, the process of developing mobile apps is quite different from that of other development processes.

Creating android devices identifies testing as a key phase of development. Keeping with the needs of an android app, the experts need to execute automation testing processes rigorously.

Check Out the Reasons Behind Rigorous Automation Testing:

Form Factor
Device version
Front Cam
Keyboard attachment
Resolution & screen size

A wide range of devices is taken into consideration by the test team for conducting tests. It might consume much time since testing often involves a myriad of devices. Running automation tests on android devices does not compel a tester to run manual tests, which is a huge benefit.

Quality automation candidates comprise test cases involving compatibility tests, regression tests, GUI tests, acceptance tests, functional tests (across platforms), UI components that are not dynamic, and smoke tests. These test cases follow data-driven tests, function flows, and the business logic repetitively.

Steps the Testing Teams Must Follow Before Commencing Android App Testing:

Coinciding the creation of test scripts with real-time development

Once the development process gets completed there is no point in creating test scripts. The testers must proceed along the stages of mobile app development simultaneously. The testing team achieves much leverage in executing test scripts and doing modifications depending on the nature of the apps. Executing rigorous tests keeping with the various aspects of user experience, privacy, and security demands working hand in hand with the developers.

Ensuring a robust framework

Planning is a vital component of automation testing since the app development process often has a faster turnaround. It might seem contradictory but ensuring a reliable framework is a must to help the testing team deliver much faster. The testing function libraries help them to pace things up.

Checking the automation process frequently

It is necessary for the delivery team to review the entire automation process frequently. It helps them in making required updates from time to time. Members of the QA teams are entrusted with the tasks of test process reviews. They are also responsible for updating test plans and scripts as per the needs.

Automation Tests Have to Remain Unaffected by UI Changes

Identifying the most crucial objects while testing demands knowing several attributes of the automation tools in use. Isolating such an object often requires the testing tool to rely on the location coordinates. It is not possible for the automation tool to identify the location of the object that keeps on changing position.

So, with the latest app versions, you will need to rename the controls each time you execute the test. You may even consider using the object’s properties in your test script for different actions of the user.¬†Test automation uses testing tools that can show us desirable outcomes as they are simplified and reliable.