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Data Warehousing and ETL Testing

Checking Your Data Health Is a Must. Let’s take a Holistic approach with our End-To-End Service

Prevent Loss of data and follow a sound ETL Testing Strategy with us

Most enterprises of the modern era perform decision-making based on historical data. Irrespective of their volume of operations, these businesses opt for the latest tools rendered by an able data warehouse. Implementing BI and DW proves successful when you take a comprehensive approach toward testing end-to-end security, quality performance, and accurate data. Yogiti has exhaustive expertise in Big Data, Data Warehousing, and Analytic Testing engagements while addressing the latest challenges concerning such tests.

A tailor-made testing approach ensures meeting your long-term goals

  • Security/Performance Testing
  • Data Audit and QC Report
  • Business functionality testing
  • ETL validation tests
  • Proven methodologies for Test Optimization
  • Extensive coverage and validation of tests
  • Quality validation for data in DW
  • ETL validation
  • BI report validation

    We offer the following thorough our experience in implementing BI and DW which are both complex and large.

  • Approach that is tailor-made to achieve accurate data through the different phases of the BI/DW chain.
  • Complete BI/DW service packs striving to achieve security, performance, and validation of BI and DW.
  • Professionals aptly skilled in designing testing strategies and executing them for BI/DW.
  • Capability of fulfilling the testing requirements concerning DW/BI with our flexible and cost-efficient solutions.

Yogiti has the right skills to perform DW app testing through different levels between data sources and BI apps. We have always made our best attempts to detect all issues through the initial phases of testing. In our attempt to meet the futuristic business needs, we serve you with the most scalable and automated solution for Big Data testing.