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T24 testing

T24 Testing Improves QA Services for Core Banking Solutions

Implement the best technologies for your privileged customers

The advent of technology drives most modern banks of our times. Managing all banking operations gets easier when you have an intelligent banking solution in place. A complete banking solution renders support both for the front and back ends. The end-users gain much of the benefits of such full proofs. A good number of complexities may be associated with all global banking solutions. Few navigational challenges would surface while implementing the T24 testing solutions aimed at core banking.

Commitment to Test the Banking Solutions More Efficiently and By Consuming Lesser Time!

Delivering the multi-faceted banking platform of T24 within a stipulated budget and time frame demands the attention and guidance of an expert QA partner. The solution also helps ensure the meeting of your banking necessities in a time-bound manner.

How T24 Testing Has Undergone Changes

  • Embedding the AI platform developed by T24 across all product categories fortifies banks in rendering DIY training modules to regulators and users alike. It helps them understand the process of decision-making more lucidly.  
  • T24 helps you take the architectural approach of cloud-native technology for deploying the system on platforms that are based on the cloud. It also helps customers in taking a flexible approach to scaling out while keeping the cost of operation and tech migration to a minimum. It proves apt to suit dynamic business scenarios.
  • T24 testing facilitates the native execution of their core banking solution over three leading public clouds. You can deploy their solution over a segregated relational database. It even facilitates moving between multiple cloud service providers besides extending support for active deployment.
  • Most global banks are attempting to improve user experience and their entire product line by integrating various systems. With T24, we could involve new APIs, but now we have the option of accessing innumerable Open APIs that facilitate our solutions in a way that the other providers and systems can address them.