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Accessibility Testing

Accessibility Testing Services Help Extend the Reach of Your Business Apps

Help Those with Special Needs to Access Your Apps More Easily

In this era of globalization, smart applications of various types dominate our lives. A gamut of multi-tasking apps helps us perform our regular tasks at ease regardless of our geographical positions. Motor impairments, cognitive disabilities, hearing impairments, and visual impairments are the common forms of disabilities that affect billions of lives each year. Most of us having special needs find it difficult to use smart apps to the fullest. Accessibility Testing is one of the vital services that we offer at Yogiti to help simplify life for those that bear special needs. Our accessibility testing services have a comprehensive range due to our sound knowledge and rich experiences. We abide by the latest testing regulations with a view to futuristic endeavors.

  • Our accessibility testers sit with our clients in person and underline their needs for accessibility
  • While identifying the platforms and browsers that require testing, we acquire a firm grip over the screens that require testing
  • Before testing, we identify the screens and then we move on to perform our tasks on accessibility testing of new-age apps or digital platforms
  • Alongside the web and mobile accessibility tools, we also make the most of tools that extend assistive technologies and perform screen reading
  • Yogiti aligns all analytical applications of a dynamic business world with the global standards of accessibility.
  • Experts of our in-house teams are adept at testing the accessibility of apps.
  • Our exposure to a wide variety of tools for testing commercial viability has given us an edge.
  • When it comes to performing Accessibility Testing, we have developed a close association with screen readers that are leading the industry.
  • We have gained expertise in engaging some of the trendiest tools for accessibility testing.
  • Our stakeholders gain much from informed decisions after they go through our detailed VPAT reports.
  • We ensure 24×7 support for our users seamlessly.

Types of Accessibility Tests that We Perform

Mobile Accessibility Tests

We do an evaluation of compliance norms that we set for smart apps. That is why we match them with the global accessibility standards. Our team is adept at handling the trending accessibility tools for performing comprehensive tests across mobile devices.

Automated Accessibility Tests

We extend the much-needed automated accessibility testing by roping in a wide spectrum of automation testing tools that dominate the industry. We want our clients to take informed decisions and so we serve them with detailed custom reports.

Manual Accessibility Tests

We take each software app distinctly and evaluate it comprehensively. We strive to meet the W3C standards of digital compliance. Keeping with the various scenarios, we perform manual tests and make sure of their alignment with the various success criteria.

Hardware Tests

Testing the hardware accessibility of a product is a must for the long-term success of its manufacturers. Yogiti has an in-house team of experts that perform a crystal clear evaluation of such hardware accessibility. While checking the hardware viability, we count users with high disabilities alongside others having only a few unique needs. We involve a few assistive technologies while leveraging our testing tools. We strive to maintain the seamless accessibility of the product hardware for one and all.

How We Report the Outcomes of Accessibility Tests

Our team analyses the VAPT (Voluntary Product Accessibility Template) document very carefully. We serve our clients with a detailed report on how their businesses meet accessibility regulations. We serve the vendors with a layout to follow the level of stringency that the compliance norms demand.