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Salesforce QA Testing

Salesforce QA Testing Confirms App Behaviour as Per the Specifications

Make Your App More Reliable and User-friendly with Salesforce QA Testing

All development cycles demand the assurance of a fully functional system keeping with the needs of the target audience. That is why the QA experts at Yogiti perform SFDC testing for every development cycle. We strive to ensure your system’s integrity with a dedicated team of QA experts. Our workflow involves testing an application for all its advanced features before they get live.

  • Checks if the configuration and code remain functional
  • Confirms if the system is supportive of different business procedures
  • Verifies if the initial system setup matches the expectations
  • Enables our QA experts to identify issues and seek appropriate solutions from the developers
  • Establishes appropriate app behavior and proper working conditions

Classifying Salesforce Testing As Per the Objectives

UAT Testing

Our QA experts follow a test script for performing SFDC testing. We check out the Salesforce performance as per our pre-set protocol wherein we take various business practices into consideration.

Production Testing

It tests whether a successful deployment of code and configurations is possible within the production environment.

Regression Testing

Our QA checklist never misses out on the Salesforce test. Our QA Experts follow the expected behavioral pattern in a running list. It helps us develop test cases accurately throughout the development cycles.

Load Testing

Setting a specific load for checking the performance of the system is mandatory for Load Testing. The behavior of Salesforce is clearly visible to the QA Team when several users make an attempt to access the system at the same time.

Security Testing

In case your application shows us any loophole or weakness, then we can spot it immediately with Salesforce testing. Our solutions are very effective in thwarting intrusions and cyber-attacks.

Functional Testing

Reviewing all software functions gets easier as we perform Salesforce tests by serving the right inputs and analyzing the outputs against our expectations.  

Enriching the Application Testing Process with Salesforce QA Testing

Increasing the business ROI and adding value are the key objectives of performing Salesforce. We work hand-in-hand with you in preventing delays caused during the deployment of an application. Our QA experts possess great insight into SFDC testing besides substantial hands-on experience. It helps in fetching quick returns and even increases efficiency. Looking forward to setting an ideal workflow for the process of Salesforce testing? Yogiti has all that you need in a QA service provider, so we can be your partner in matching the QA checklist and delivering Salesforce testing. Streamlining the testing procedures has never been easier with our QA experts around.