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Telecom Testing Demands Optimization. Our connections are always appropriate.

Validating IoT devices, assuring smooth 5G connectivity, and supporting expansive roaming coverage is on our priority list. Fetching more value and aligning your business to new opportunities is what we are up to with our world-class technical wisdom and vast network expertise.

Yogiti Technologies has edged past other QA services in the software testing industry owing to a deeper insight into commercial practices, financial processes, latest technologies, and testing methodologies. Yogiti gives equal importance to all clients by optimizing the promotion time and rendering customer support to the highest level. Extending the right solutions to clients has been a regular practice at Yogiti. We have successfully addressed all areas of concern within the Telecom industry by deriving an appropriate combination of functional and technical knowledge.

Yogiti Has a Plethora of Testing Services on Offer under Specific Clusters of the Telecom Industry

  • Commercial Support Systems
  • Support Structure and Networks
  • Enterprise Online Apps
  • Backend Enrolment Processing
  • Performance KPI Dashboards
  • Network Health Service Dashboards
  • Bill Processing

Challenges Experienced by the Telecom CompaniesChallenges Experienced by the Telecom Companies

Most companies dominating the communication space have specific requirements on infrastructural scalability, dynamics, and flexibility. They cannot incorporate the smartest of solutions unless they fulfil these needs. The telecom business has its core in rendering multiple services; sustaining cut-throat competition demands seamless infrastructure.

The digital communications industry has witnessed a boom. The telecom service providers had to extend new offers owing to their emergence from conventional messaging and calling services. Otherwise, they would fail to sustain. Certainly, we do not expect the latest innovations to reflect functional snags that would prove fatal to any service provider.

Increasing revenues and retaining users is only possible when a telco introduces OTT offers, Smart Money transfers, IoT, and other services. Identifying the next generation’s needs and preferences is any telco’s primary objective. Messengers like Skype and WhatsApp have witnessed a steep surge in global subscribers since their inception. Are the telecom companies doing anything to cope with their ever-increasing viewership? The most challenging areas that they are trying hard to address are the Security and Privacy issues.

The Most Appropriate SolutionsThe Most Appropriate Solutions

  • Telecom operators can serve subscribers positioned beyond the network coverage zone by re-routing calls through messenger applications. Subscribers can avail this service when they are within the Wi-Fi area.
  • The next solution is to develop a business network with key industrial players like transportation, logistics, financial and banking services besides online retailers.
  • Another solution that looks promising is to participate in IoT projects. Within the IoT value chain of the E2E networks, every telco needs to develop a powerful bonding with some of the leading technology providers. It helps them in getting aligned with the entire IoT ecosystem.