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Performance and Load Testing

Performance and Load Testing Renders App Stability Encompassing High Loads

Retain customers by assuring smooth app performance through rush hours

Your enterprise proves successful when the most critical of your business apps render smooth and secure performance for the end user. It contributes much towards enhancing your brand value. The users may encounter several real-life scenarios wherein your apps show up with few performance issues. At that point, you need to follow a formal test procedure to determine the behavior of your business app at a much higher level of scalability. Yogiti helps track the performance and behavior of an enterprise app under real-life scenarios or by replicating the test conditions. While curbing any adverse impact on the profitability of a business, we ensure a smooth user experience by keeping all hassles at bay. Imagine a\the Christmas season or Black Friday! The mounting pressure from web traffic that your app endures while the load reaches its peak often cripples it for a long time. It is our job to ensure the reliability and responsiveness of your app. We even take care of your app performance by keeping it scalable for different scenarios like committing business with new clients, acquisitions, statutory alterations, and product launches. We even equip your apps to match conditions set in performance SLAs and meet other contractual expectations.

Assuring a smooth run for your apps and servers

Our load testing services aim at a wide variety of apps that run on the latest technologies and cover most domains. Our SMEs are adept at creating and delivering solutions based on COTS or SOA. We cater to all client-server and n-tier apps at large. We conduct end-to-end performance tests on apps while considering your hardware, database, and network.

How We Fulfil Your Testing Needs

A host of factors like downtimes, resource allocation, memory leakage, heavy load, and turnaround help us create and deliver performance test reports in a quick time. We are committed to assisting you with real-time guidance besides recommending appropriate tuning of apps. We stay focussed on working hand-in-hand with our on-site counterparts in this manner:

  • We assist you in identifying all complex business scenarios.
  • We show you the key performance metrics for your apps.
  • We develop solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of your servers and apps while supporting repetitive executions. 
  • We render assistance in setting up digital tracking solutions.
  • We extend performance testing solutions that help measure your app’s accessibility and dependability. 
  • We even set time limits for app response and check it out under all circumstances.

Tailor-made Performance and Load Testing Solutions from Our QA Team

We help maintain the stability of your systems besides assuring you of a smooth, responsive, and reliable performance of all business-specific apps. All of these are crucial stepping stones for developing a successful brand. The performance and load time of your app drive sales. We follow stringent validation protocols, scalability checks, functional capacities, and heavy loads. Our primary objective is to ensure a flawless experience for your users besides securing the modes of interaction.

Testing for Heavy Loads

When the load volume turns heavy on your app or website, sustaining its performance is possible owing to our world-class load testing methodologies and tools.

Tests on Endurance, Surge, and Stress

The capacity of load that your app or system can bear is measured accurately with our effective testing techniques. We can identify the point when it will crash.

Testing Recovery from Disasters

Ascertaining the behavior of your product under stressful scenarios is possible by performing a crucial resilience test. We work towards its performance revival with all appropriate solutions.

Regression Testing

Committing regressions tests for long durations helps us determine app performance following upgrades.

Our Performance Engineering Approach across SDLC:

  • Identifying performance issues through the developmental phases by running performance tests and by checking things out at the component level
  • Enabling activities based on the scalability plans very quickly
  • Laying a cost-effective road map for the customer to follow by identifying performance issues early on
  • Evaluating the test outcomes properly besides doing appropriate documentation 
  • Allocating trained resources and SMEs at different levels to offer a better cost structure and ensure higher ROI for our clients

How Yogiti Excels in the Tools and Technologies Capability

Our dedicated experts execute performance tests with your apps by following our robust and customized strategies. The latest tools help us with our performance and load testing activities. Besides being adept in using JMeter and other open source tools, we even utilize LoadRunner, Blazemeter, Redline13, Gatling, and other commercial tools appropriately.