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ERP Testing

ERP Testing Ensures Easy Accessibility and Data Security for your ERP System 

Optimize Your Resources and Achieve the Desired Output within the Deadline

ERP Testing is all about checking and validating the functionalities of an ERP system while implementing it. Being a QA process, it confirms proper implementation and smooth operation of the software before its final launch. We at Yogiti perform ERP testing through the different levels of ERP System installation thereby preventing some unforeseen crashes that might happen during Go-live. It even helps in preventing post-implementation defects.

ERP Testing Demands Quality Domain Knowledge

Consolidating various sub-systems under one roof is its primary objective. It ensures a spontaneous data flow between different systems. ERP has already proven its worth as a backbone for most organizations that follow recurring procedures and necessitate bulk entries to be done manually.

  • Reusability
  • Improve cloud and data security
  • Appropriate optimization of resources besides lessening the cost of testing
  • Ensure a detailed reporting of the business
  • Enhance productivity

1) Functional Testing

Functionality Testing helps confirm whether all of the system modules are working as decided after committing all necessary customizations.

2) Performance Testing

Checking the performance of the system with an increase in load is mostly done through Performance Testing. We ensure that the system won’t crash when the traffic load increases during special events.

3) Security Testing

The ERP system handles all data concerning the employees very securely and enables access only to those who are authorized to use it. We understand the importance of handling sensitive data for specific purposes only. We strive to prevent the theft of crucial data under all circumstances.

4) Acceptance Testing

Acceptance Testing helps in getting the system live. It is launched after this final phase of testing. However, checking the final system version is in the hands of a trusted few.

5) Regression Testing

The QA team observes the changes in coding and tests the system to confirm if such changes affect the system's performance.

6) Usability Testing

We have segmented this area into comprehensibility, transparency, appeal, operability and adherence to norms. Usability is the spontaneity that the users experience while using an application. However, our clients or stakeholders will have the last call about determining its specifications. Real-time users play a vital role in this type of testing. While Yogiti focuses on different phases of ERP testing, your team gets freed up for investing their time in other lights-on operations. Customizing and executing our plan holds the key as we conclude the entire testing process within a pre-set turnaround. Our team is adept at utilizing the right resources well within the budget.

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