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Security & Penetration Testing

Security & Penetration Testing Thwarts Intrusion and Keeps Your Apps Free of Vulnerabilities

Secure every aspect of your business. We strive to keep your apps and servers secure.

Focussing on the security of your business apps is not the only thing we do. We remain committed to extending our protective coverage across all of your business procedures while letting you save much on the costs. All enterprises, big or small, remain concerned about the accessibility of their apps and the security of crucial user data. With each passing year, enterprise apps are becoming more and more vulnerable to hacking. Alongside legal consequences, most of these enterprises are concerned about losing the trust of loyal customers. The impacts are far-reaching and pain-staking when you talk about security breaches. Your apps and servers must undergo Security and Penetration Tests if you do not want the situation to go out of hand.

Yogiti recommends a Standard Security Testing approach across the lifecycle

Yogiti recommends a Standard Security Testing approach across the lifecycle

Commit End-to-End Security Checks for Your System

Our dedicated solutions help follow a crystal-clear process in mitigating risks and security flaws. Such solutions extend protection across code libraries with third parties besides those that remain at the server-side and client-side.

Integrate Security Tools with the Pace and Scale of Agile

We take a DevOps approach to our systematic application security and penetration testing process. It helps in integrating our security tools with your SDLC.

Make You Aware of the Possible Threats

Our cyber engineers are adept at making the most of the QA tools they drive with AI accelerators. It helps in upgrading our penetration practices while testing your apps. You will feel more secure as you identify the vulnerabilities ahead of time.

Keep Your Systems Free of Risks

In our attempt to partner with you, we have introduced a custom program that entails extending and ensuring the security of your apps as a part of our cross-checking process.

Perform Ethical Hacking

Our Ethical Hacking team helps in securing your apps from various vulnerabilities. Accessibility, authentication, integrity, and confidentiality are some of the crucial security requirements we fulfil.

  • Our expert team of ethical hackers.
  • A discreet strategy to keep the apps secure for upgradation. 
  • Adherence to global testing standards that are in demand like OSSTMM.
  • Deep insight into all trending security technologies. 
  • A report on our mitigation process that categorizes every vulnerability.
  • A detailed exploration snap-shot comes devoid of false positives.
  • Detailed regression testing outcome.

How We Validate the Threat Tracking Mechanisms

Cyber Assurance

We commit to performing routine security checks at par with our regular automation, manual, and functional tests. Our experts boast the App-Sec automation procedures that we follow to date.  

Pen Testing

Our exclusive Pen Testing phases lay stress on our Bug Bounty deals besides delivering tasks tagged ‘capture the flag’.


We optimize the testing tools through our cyber-automation protocol for securing your DevOps. We integrate a high-value process while committing integration with the SDLC.

Cyber Consultancy

We run an architectural check to identify specific vulnerabilities concerning your products. We also assure you on the grounds of infrastructural resilience.


Our capacity to analyse applications and identify vulnerabilities has placed us ahead of other security testing companies. Keeping your apps and servers from risks and cyber threats compels us to execute tests rigorously. We remain obliged to meet and exceed our client's expectations through thick and thin. Primarily, we adhere to the much-known OWASP norms. Apart from meeting the pre-set app specifications, we remain committed to fulfilling the NIST, WASC, WAHH, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS Standards in detail. Following a full-proof protocol enables us to address all vulnerabilities at bay. Our comprehensive test strategy keeps your web apps secure under all circumstances.