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Media & Entertainment

Testing Media Software for Potential Risks

The Media and Entertainment industry demands the inclusion of varying layers of security and functionalities from time to time. It has become important for every testing service to design comprehensive support packages for their clients.

Yogiti Technologies has much to offer in terms of reach, accessibility, efficiency, security, and User Interface. We have successfully met and exceeded the software testing needs of several Media and Entertainment companies. Besides, we even helped them reap the benefits of following customized test strategies. A plethora of gaming platforms including smartphones, gaming consoles, and desktop PCs are within the testing purview of Yogiti Technologies. Over the years, our team has gained much insight into the ecosystem of digital gaming. Upgrading our testing processes and plans is a routine practice as we incorporate new standards meticulously.

Challenges Affecting the Pace and Performance of the Media and Entertainment Industry:

  • Checking the capacity of a digital platform by increasing the load in a phased manner.
  • Keeping off negative ratings over social media besides increasing ratings at the play store.
  • Pulling up the frequency of release schedules by 5-6 times
  • Minimizing the rate of crashes in mobile apps to up to 10%
  • Maintaining the digital speed of delivering data

The pauses you witness while watching videos are equally frustrating to that of the loading of a web page at a snail’s pace. Meeting the goals of the media and entertainment business gets easier when the customers experience an engaging and happy involvement.

Why Is It Beneficial to Have Yogiti as Your Testing Partner?

  • Perform tests with Accelerators, Strategies, and Methodologies that are well-structured and pre-defined
  • Derive tailor-made solutions with a team of varying skill-sets and expertise 
  • Utilize all requisite tools for exploring real-time scenarios within a dedicated lab
  • Fulfil testing checklists based on different types of OS
  • Ensure compatibility of media and entertainment software across different operating systems based on different analytical tools and statistical models 
  • Extend support for different OS versions with a multi-faceted mobile testing lab

Solutions to Ensure a Seamless Experience:

Global Distribution Model

We help you grab the advantages of scalability, make things more convenient and lower the costs by pulling out an apt combination of onsite and offshore positions.

Innovative Approach

We steer clear of project delays by spotting the scope of defects early on. We help keep the entire process risk-free and devoid of gaps.

Secure Transformation

We protect media businesses from utter disruption. We help in mitigating risks by planning and executing digital transformation at an appropriate pace.

Crash Testing

We carry out innumerable cloud-based tests to ensure a smooth user experience devoid of crashes.

Targeted Overseeing

Our QA experts and engagement management team work hand-in-hand with you through the entire SDLC.

Identity Management

Preventing identity theft has been a long-standing challenge for most financial and banking organizations. Identity Management Testing plays a key role in protecting crucial financial data and eventually keeps money laundering at bay. By testing vulnerabilities, encrypting payment gateways, securing exchanges, and authenticating security tokens, Yogiti is thwarting various attempts of service and PII thefts.