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Cloud Migration and Testing

How to Go about Cloud Migration Testing of Enterprise Apps

Cloud migration of enterprise applications is about fulfilling user expectations, facilitating multi-channel experience, and extending operational efficiency.

TThe Cloud Environment extends a few unique advantages for the testing services. Speeding up disaster management, enhancing data security, and scaling up appropriate resources are among the key benefits of migrating apps to a cloud-based setup. However, there are a few challenges associated with such migration. And it demands paying much attention to it.

Let’s Identify the Most Crucial Cloud Migration Challenges Below:

  • A detailed strategy has to be in place for an enterprise to adopt brand-new technology. Their strategic planners need to count on all minor factors alongside the most assumptive ones. While picking the best cloud service provider, you must also achieve a clear view of the migration process. Also, acquire an estimation of the resources and the volume of data you wish to migrate. 
  • Switching over to the Cloud Environment seems pretty expensive when an enterprise fails to judge the future impact of such a move on its finances. Depending on the volume of data you wish to migrate, your upfront costs may surge though the move can prove more cost-effective later. 
  • It poses several challenges to migrate your live apps to the Cloud environment if they are currently in use with your end users. You cannot hamper the performance of those apps at any cost. While migrating such apps to the cloud environment from the earlier setup requires the testers to prevent losses on data with extra caution. 
  • Adaptation to a new environment often raises a few security questions. Enterprises opting for such a shift often require sharing some of their most crucial data with a third party. Most of them tend to remain concerned about the fate of their customer data throughout the adaptation process. It is natural for them to check out the security policies of the cloud partner and judge the parameters concerning data flow encryption and storage. It is of great importance for them to determine the right partner.

Migrating to the cloud environment makes it necessary to resolve all complex issues and perform app performance tests early in the process. Crashing websites and applications, errors in the database, and the crashing of servers are just a few instances that prove time-taking and expensive. It affects the user experience and the dislocation of resources. 

Overcoming these issues is only possible through proper testing of applications. It is of great importance for technical and business leaders to lay their focus on software testing in the era of digitalization. It enables them to explore the advantages of Cloud Migration at large.

Cloud Migration Demands Testing

Yogiti believes that our testers must pick the appropriate testing strategies and implement them. It helps facilitate the process of Cloud Migration testing. While reducing our time to market, it carries out Cloud Migration within a stipulated time frame. We can reap the benefits of performing Cloud Migration using Xamarin Test Cloud, Sauce labs, AWS Device Farm, and other easily distinguishable cloud testing platforms. We take the right approach to ensure seamless integration, higher scalability, optimum budget on infrastructure, extensive cross-platform coverage, and executing test cases in large volumes. It helps us in achieving a higher ROI alongside continual delivery.