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DevOps CI/CD Implementation

DevOps CI/CD Implementation Improves Quality and Paces up Software Delivery

Incorporate the Best of DevOps CI/CD Practices to Shorten the Delivery and Release Cycles

CI (Continuous Integration) is about committing minor changes and observing coding performance within a central repository. It focuses on confirming the improvements of the application features while protecting the current functionalities through bug-fixing. Yogiti considers automation tests to be the most effective way of checking the current functionalities. Automation testing helps in determining the accuracy of these functionalities. Such forms of testing lead to a meaningful execution of CI. CI has an endpoint that indicates the beginning of CD (Continuous Delivery). The CD process covers all automated app deliveries depending on the pre-set infrastructure and conditions. A host of environments that the DevOps teams serve includes production, testing and development. The CD process assures you of some automated means to enact coding alterations for these environments.

  • Extensive hands-on expertise in various modes of testing 
  • More productive and less risky due to the roll-backs and deployments supporting automation
  • Flexible models of engagement for delivering complete project management in a hassle-free manner
  • Suggest a DevOps toolchain of the highest quality to match the desired project model
  • Dedicated to ensuring complete protection and security for the users
  • Insight into test automation procedures and tools that are in trend alongside a host of CI/CD tools and agile development tools that support lifecycle automation 
  • Continuous Integration is about compiling and validating besides reviewing code and performing integration testing and unit testing.
  • Continuous Delivery is a process that involves UAT after deploying the app to test servers.
  • Continuous Deployment is about deploying the app on a production server through a stretch of testing that sets it up for release. 

CT (Continuous Testing) is important for the CI/CD practices as it helps execute the newly improved deployments. Rendering world-class software is the primary goal of a project. Yogiti uses a wide spectrum of test automation tools concerning methodologies like security, performance and regression. These tools contribute much towards implementing the CI process and executing the testing methodologies in the CI/CD pipeline.