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About Yogiti Technologies

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Yogiti is among the fastest-growing companies belonging to the software testing and quality engineering space. Yogiti earned recognition as a pioneer in next-generation software testing and QA consulting very soon. We extend guidance to Fortune 500 companies and SMEs in rendering quality technology services and supporting digital transformation, thus enabling their global clients to edge past the trajectory. Our team of innovative experts helps us redefine the conventional business practices and technology upgrades to shine in the areas of Automation, DevOps, Performance & Security Testing, IoT, and digitalization. Our testing prowess has helped us leave our footprint across all major industry segments like Banking & Financials, Retail, Insurance, Automotive, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Medical, EduTech, Telecom, Travel, Hospitality, Energy, Utilities, and more.


Yogiti is undergoing a paradigm shift from a QA Engineering and Software Testing company to a more focused Digital Engineering and Assurance company. It helped pose us as a global leader amongst IP and AI-backed Digital Assurance Service providers. Hence, we are toughening our stance in growing as a dedicated Digital Services company by setting new quality standards. It is bound to reflect in all aspects of our business. Our vision of ‘Joining hands for redefining future through tech-driven digital transformation’ seems to keep every Yogitian motivated and functioning as a group towards achieving more. We are confident of realizing our vision owing to our current strategic moves aligned with our activities. Pacing up and transforming outcomes technologically for all our clients proved easier as we succeeded in reflecting our ability to assure and engineer while improving our new digital image and thought process.


Our mission holds the promise of a futuristic digital world by combining our innovative ideas and insightful expertise.

Engagement Model

Yogiti introduces flexible engagement models that you can personalize to match your business needs. The most crucial challenges that all enterprises experience involve budgetary constraints, workforce dynamics, and business priorities. Your project deliveries taste success when you take a customized engagement approach to fulfill your needs across dimensions. You can pick from amongst the choicest engagement models stated below or even follow a tailored hybrid approach.


Dilip Asnani

Dilip is a seasoned leader with over 20 years of expertise serving global clients across the Middle East, the US, and India. A self-motivated engineering graduate , Dilip has been in various QA leadership roles in performance testing and engineering while creating new alliances in the global IT sector. As a strategist, maintaining customer relationships and driving sales backed by clear vision and conviction has been the primary focus of Dilip. Despite the busy schedule, Dilip still manages to spend quality time with the family. His keen inclination towards meditation and yoga helps him strike a work-life balance.

Sumon Chakraborty

Sumon spearheads the tech mission of Yogiti, having spent over 20 years across different domains like BFS, Retail, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Insurance. Sumon has substantial experience in Automation Testing, including test management, strategic planning, and overseeing projects on improving the test process for large-scale transformation programs. Sumon has spent a significant period of his professional career in the US and the Middle East. A tech guru in every sense, Sumon has architected many of the testing tools and solution accelerators for different customers that have become de facto testing standards. Apart from pre-sales Sumon owns the entire delivery process and management in Yogiti. Sumon holds a Bachelor of Technology from Calcutta University and had done his MBA from IISWBM. Sumon is interested in sports, besides being an avid reader. He even loves watching movies leaning toward crime fiction and thrillers!

Rajesh Roy

Rajesh is an accomplished leader with more than 20 years of experience across the Global IT industries. He has performed a host of QA leadership roles in building strategies, driving sales, generating bulk businesses, committing smooth deliveries, paving customer relationships & developing strategic partnerships with leading industry partners. Majority of his career, Rajesh has worked in Europe, APAC, and the Middle East geographies. Rajesh focuses on implementing Yogiti’s vision and strategy, focusing on the quality of delivery and exceptional customer experience. Rajesh holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Nagpur University. Beyond his work, he loves reading books and spending time with his family.

Andy Irving

Andy is managing our overall P&L for all the accounts in the UK and Europe including management of all aspects of the accounts from business development and customer engagement perspective. He is a conscientious and accomplished expert with a proven history of successful stints achieving targets in sales consulting and executive management roles. His expertise and motivational style of guiding and managing high-performance teams helped him create and implement strategies for the acceleration of business expansion. Rich exposure to a spectrum of the global audience has helped him address innumerable growth and transformation issues. His demonstrated ability and keen observation help create new scopes of business. Being an articulate communicator helps him build CXO-level relationships besides communicating and delivering long-term complex QA solutions and advice to executive-level stakeholders.