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User Experience Testing

A Smooth User Experience Helps Build a Long Term Bond UI

Testing the App Performance Stands the Tests of Time

Understanding UX Testing is important but you must pick the right tools. A whole new world of tools awaits you, but you must identify with the methodologies that spearhead User Experience Testing. Yogiti follows certain time-tested industry standard methodologies for testing User Experiences. It helps you address a query or a requirement, develops your hypothesis, and evaluates the outcomes. It might sound a bit complex, but it is not.

Check Out a Handful of Our User Experience Testing Methodologies

Moderated Tests

Moderating the tests on User Experience is like joining a group of participants in a discussion session. Most questions that the participants raise are addressed by the moderators. While giving a proper insight into the goals of the website, the moderators can guide the participants through the entire process. Moderated User Tests are even crucial for explaining the behavior of an interface or product. However, a few UX issues might cause some confusion. During the course of the test, the moderator can make a note of such behaviors and generate a report on them.

Unmoderated Tests

The effectiveness of unmoderated user tests has not gone well with many of the testing experts. It often seems comfortable to share your feelings when nobody is around. Unfocussed behavior of the participants and errors committed by the users are natural to the testing professionals. The accuracy of the testing outcomes depends mostly on moderated as well as unmoderated user experience testing procedures.


Your users may not find the time to reach you directly. You may seek their opinions directly by doing a survey of your product. You can post the survey on an online web page or a blog. You may even do the survey over social media platforms if you already have a large following out there.

Accessibility and Availability

You must have been annoyed when you try opening a web page and it doesn’t show up. It’s an accessibility issue when you do not reach anywhere after clicking a link on a website. The navigation panel may even lead you to a different page when you click on the About Page of a website. User experience tests depend on the outcomes of audits performed around usability and accessibility. Our QA Experts can help answer your questions pertaining to data collection, processing, and approach. We do not want you to commit mistakes on UX like that of your competitors.

How to Achieve the Most Appropriate Outcomes of User Experience Testing

UX tests are mostly done in the presence of multiple participants. Using automated tools is quite common with such types of testing. The outcomes tend to be accurate when the participants are more. An audience sample of 10 can help generate valuable feedback on your product. However, the larger the audience you gain, the higher seems the probability of fetching accurate patterns and data. Yogiti QA experts help build smooth customer journeys based on scroll-map evaluation, heat map views, customer touchpoints, and other associated analytics.

How to Pick the Most Reliable UX Testers

You must pick a testing team based on the target audience. You must identify with the corporate ambiance if you are making an attempt to sell lunch packs in offices. They will not hire you for long if you do not match their busy schedules. You can enhance your brand value by harnessing your current customers. Knowing their choices and preferences can help in bridging the gaps. Your business will prevail for good!