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Test Automation

Strive to produce quality deliverables through our Test Automation practices supporting seamless integration with CI/CD, Jira/TestRail Jenkins Pipeline.

Yogiti Technologies delivers appropriate solutions based on the latest practices aligning with DevOps.

Test Automation facilitates substantial cost-cutting by curbing the market time and the period of regression testing. All automation initiatives are bound to reflect a high ROI when you define a clear roadmap and strategy. You can enjoy lesser upfront costs, ensure simple maintenance and achieve high reusability by following a continuous and standardized approach. It helps you cope with the challenges associated with third-party integrations, complex environments, and diversified app architecture.

The commitment to delivering the best automation services to your business

We identify with the need for flawless delivery at the right pace. We lay our focus on the most appropriate testing interfaces and resolve issues of risks. We involve automation frameworks that are seemingly intelligent and strategies that drive bespoke test automation.

Enhancing Efficiency for Every Need

Test Automation helps preserve quality amidst the need to address the changing customer requirements and resolve issues concerning fast development cycles. We make the most of automated suites that support seamless and rapid testing. We ensure precision by empowering you with our discreet approach to automation testing.

  • Improve product quality by extending higher test coverage
  • Minimize the time to execute tests time to up to 50%
  • Identify risks during the initial phases of the SDLC 
  • Resolve issues early on to gain a qualitative cost advantage
  • Enhance efficiency and restrict the cost of regression
  • Utilize automation for pacing up the release cycle
  • Optimize resource allocation

Tailor-made Automation Services from Our QA Team

We remain committed to serving you with our custom-made automation solutions that match every need of your projects. Roping in every element of our extensive exposure and insight into different industries helps us to perform.

Let’s Get a Clear View of Our Automation Test Platform and How It Works:

  • The framework follows the BDD approach using Cucumber, with Junit as the test framework and Maven as the build tool.
  • Capability of parallel execution of the test cases.
  • Complete integration with GitLab CICD pipeline
  • The framework can support both web (selenium web driver) and mobile (Appium driver) application automation
  • Integration with multiple reporting frameworks, such as – Extent report, Cucumber Html report, and Allure report.
  • Integration with Jira Zephyr – Real-time update of test case execution status in Zephyr, defect report against failed test cases, screenshot attachment with every test run.
  • Capability to connect to SQL Server DB to fetch any kind of test data during script execution. The framework has an in-built aes Base 64 encryption algorithm to encrypt any sensitive information such as application credentials